Menj Pedo? Lowyat Babi!

Dive into the unnerving world of online hatred, amplified by the /k at Kopitiam LYN group. This anonymous group spreads racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia, showcasing a disturbing lack of empathy. Witness their toxic obsession with a controversial figure, menj pedo.

Menj Pedo?

There is this group of idiotic people who are called /k at Kopitiam LYN who are obsessed with the idea of menj pedo. The only reason for their vitriol and vendetta towards menj is simply because menj has exposed these pukimak anak haram jadah for their lies, racism, xenophobia, and their hatred towards Islam and Muslims in general. So it should not be surprising that when news of menj pedo appeared, these moronic fools and sons of dogs and pigs about menj were celebrating and partying over the news that menj kena tangkap.

menj pedo coming after trolls

Lowyat Kopitiam, Pukimak Anak Haram Jadah

They consist of fucked up racists, which I suspect are Cinapek tak potong kulup. You know, the kind of Cinabeng shitheads who think that speaking ching chong makes them superior to the rest of the world. That is the kind of mental people who boast about their “5000 years of culture”.

You can stuff your culture up to a place where the sun does not shine, you Cina Babi. You people are such lowlife scum, the worst of living shit and even demons are not as foul and cursed as you lot are. One day, I hope to find out who you idiotic trolls are and when I do, you will all rue the day that you were born.

Added to the mix are the liberal Malays with the kind of thinking that Islam is inferior and that they should kowtow to Chinese, not to mention their keling paria friends taken along for the rideā€¦and voila, you have a wonderful package of racist right up your alley.

MENJ will pay a visit to your dwellings, take a huge knife and slit your throats personally. I will watch as the blood spill to the floor and you writhe and scream in agony as you die before me. In fact, death is too kind for you; I will make sure that I bring a huge timun and shove it up your arses before I slit your throats. That would be a fair bargain, indeed!

Melayu Bodoh, Cina Babi, Keling Paria

These people make all sorts of silly assumptions ranging from making claims that I am separated from my wife (I am not), that my son suffers from autism (he does not) to stories about me “debating” Christian Prince when I never did in the first place. Where do these bastards, sons of donkeys and pigs, and worthless filth get these stories from? Only God knows!

Faceless, Spineless Cowards

Needless to say, like the faceless cowards that these /k anjing pukimak are, they backbite menj in lowyat forum with all sorts of names and disgusting stories, knowing full well that The Muslim Apologist will not be able to answer them directly as a menj pedo member.

But these people do not seem to have a real job or a life; their sole purpose of existence is to make up tall tales of others and to make fun of anyone else apart from themselves in an obscure Malaysian forum far from the world; living under their own shell of ignorance and self-proclaimed superiority.

All Of You Are Morons

Now here’s a message for these faceless monkeys, dogs, and pigs from menj pedo himself: you are all worthless trash, stupid backbiters, and not worth my time at all. I have better things to do, such as updating the menj pedo channel. You, clowns, are all pygmies trying to fall down a giant. Good luck with your endeavours because it has not worked and it will never work. I know how to outrun and outrank your idiotic forum posts.

Try better next time, okay? Pukimak anak haram jadah lowyat hnggghhh!


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