Polemical and Islamophobic Christian YouTube channels had taken material from The Muslim Apologist and passed them off as their own (violating their own sacred Ten Commandments) to defame and tarnish MENJ's reputation. So what did MENJ do? He did a copyright strike raid! This is the story on how he successfully did it and brought down these videos....and even Christian channels in the process, to go poof - without a trace.

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It is now the month of September. By now you should know that I have already been cleared by the Malaysian police of all charges related to possession of child pornography as alleged by the police video that had been circling around since last year.

But because of this video, there were many Christian polemicists and Islamophobes who took advantage of the situation that I was in, and they try to smear, blaspheme and tarnish my good name in apologetics by editing the said video, putting in ridiculous lies and charges which had nothing to do with the facts at hand.

And they uploaded it on their respective channels. But alhamdulillah, after I was cleared of this charge by the police who handed me a letter confirming that I would not be further investigated, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided to conduct a COPYRIGHT STRIKE RAID.

So not only was I able to clear my name of these charges, I’ve also managed to destroy Christian polemical YouTube channels, on YouTube. This is how I did it.


So I searched for several polemical YouTube channels which had my name or something related to my name as their keyword on these channels. And once I got the links pointing to these videos, I submitted a copyright claim over these videos to YouTube.

Alhamdulillah, YouTube was kind enough to go through my copyright claim and to rule this claim in my favour. As a result, the said video was taken down and the said Christian polemical YouTube channel got a copyright strike.

So I did this several times and it accumulated to up to 60 videos or more.

YouTube has ruled that their said videos have violated my rights. YouTube has deemed that I am the sole, legitimate owner of those same rights. Therefore, YouTube decided to rule in my favour.

Now the question is, do these Christians actually follow their own Bible when they decided to steal my rights away from me and to edit these videos with my content and to publish them, and pretend as though as it is their own?

Don’t they realize that they have violated their sacred Ten Commandments? Which commandment was it?

The 8th Commandment itself is really short, to the point, 4 words: you shall not steal. No exceptions, no exclusions, no loopholes. If you take something that belongs to someone else, you’re stealing. That means a lot of different things, though. Obviously, if you smuggle a candy bar out of a grocery store, that’s stealing, you’ve taken something that doesn’t belong to you. But there are other ways to steal, let’s say less tangible things. For example, if you go behind someone’s back, you can steal their idea.

If you find out sensitive information, you can steal an identity. If you employ slander and gossip, you can steal a reputation. If you deceive an employer, you can steal their time. You could keep going but the point is, there are a lot of things that can be stolen and the most irreplaceable things are rarely physical.

So you see, Christian fuckers and bastards, you guys actually violated your own Eight Commandment. Padan muka, I say to you. You deserve getting a copyright strike. You deserve that your channel has got brought down by me, The Muslim Apologist.


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