In this episode, we look at THE IMMANUEL PROBLEM (Matthew 1: 23; Isaiah 7: 14). According to Matthew, the birth of Jesus was prophesized in Isaiah and that he will be called IMMANUEL, meaning "God With Us". However, is this claim true? Did this "prophecy" come to pass?

Welcome to my channel, The Muslim Apologist. I’m your host, MENJ.

Today, as you can see, I’m trying out a new format. This will be part of a series called “Evangelize Me”.As the title clearly indicates, I’m challenging every single Christian to try and convert me into a worshipper of a half naked man swinging from a cross.

So this series will present several problems regarding Christianity which affects their core doctrines, something that Christians often miss or try to gloss over or try to dismiss as though as they are unimportant. But in reality, these problems are very serious, fundamental issues which could actually make the whole religion or the whole Christian theology collapse.

In this episode, I would like to share with you something which I refer to as, “The Immanuel Problem”.

Now, Christians often like to use the Old Testament as a basis for proclaiming that Jesus was the Messiah. For us Muslims, Jesus is the Messiah. We don’t need prophecies to prove that he is the Messiah. But for Christians, they need to prove to the Jews that Jesus was the awaited Messiah.

So we read, in Isaiah 7:14 — “Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign: the maiden is with child and she will bear a son, and will call his name Immanuel.” So this verse from Isaiah 7:14 was used by Matthew to prove that the birth of Jesus was prophesied and that he is the coming Messiah.

In the relevant verse in Matthew, specifically in Matthew 1:23, we read: “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel (which means “God with us”).”

The main issue here now is simply this. Where, in the gospels, was Jesus ever referred to as “God with us” or even the name “Immanuel”? Jesus never even called himself Immanuel. So this is clearly a blatant mistake by Matthew.

This is actually a false prophecy if we were to look at it from the perspective of the Christians because this never came to pass…Jesus was never called “Immanuel”.

So Christians, try to wrap your head around that. Clearly, your religion is a false religion because Jesus was never called “Immanuel”. I challenge Christians to show me where Jesus was called “Immanuel”. Where, in the gospels, or even in Acts, was Jesus called “God with us”. Where, in the gospels, did the disciples ever regard him as God dwelling among them?

So that is all I have for you today. Thank you very much for watching this. I hope you will continue to follow this series of videos called “Evangelize Me”.

Stay away from Christianity. Christianity is a false religion. Yahweh is the Devil. 

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